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Mount Saint
Charles Academy

Mount St. Charles Academy has always believed that the arts are an essential component of our mission “to form the whole person: spirit, soul, heart, mind and body.” In the past few years the addition of a new arts facility and new fine arts teachers has created a renewed spirit of enthusiasm for the arts that permeates the Mount community. 

Mount St. Charles now has in its curriculum a wide variety of music, drama, dance and art classes, in addition to many before and after school extracurricular fine and performing arts activities. 

Moreover, the new personnel and resources have prompted already creative teachers to incorporate the arts into their lesson plans and assessments and to collaborate with fine arts educators on interdisciplinary projects. 

Our Fine Arts Community Outreach Program gives students many opportunities to share their talents with people of all ages at school and community centers throughout the area. 

Many teachers use the arts to teach cultural awareness and foster an appreciation of diverse heritages and conditions, and the school’s music programs have created meaningful opportunities for students to meet and share their gifts with young people of other countries. 

Finally, Mount students’ parents are very supportive of and involved in their children’s fine arts activities and contribute to them by sharing their own talents and working behind the scenes.

Creative Ticket
School Of Excellence

Mount St. Charles Academy Fine Arts Department was named a Creative Ticket School of Excellence.  The Creative Ticket School Awards Program is sponsored by the Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network and locally by the Rhode Island Alliance for Arts Education. 

The Creative Ticket School Awards Program recognizes schools that have done an outstanding job of making the arts essential to the education of their students.  The criteria include an integration of arts education into overall school curriculum, ensuring that all of the arts (music, dance, theater and visual arts) are taught in the curriculum as discrete subjects, use of imaginative learning opportunities, strong and direct parent involvement, teaching about other cultures through the arts and linking arts education to the community. 

Mount was also selected as the State nominee for the national competition.


Drama Events 2013-2014
October 3,4.5 Faculty Players present "The Man Who Came to Dinner"

November 23,24 and 25

Junior/Senior Drama: "Peter Pan"" at the Stadium

Listen to Beachscapes
2009 Comissioned Premiere
Beachscapes: Nauset
Beachscapes: Rocky Neck
Beachscapes: Scaraborough
Jazz Band Concert Events 2013-2014
Oct. 14 Autumnfest Parade
Oct. 17 Evening of Ensembles

Performing Arts Series

Sept. 13

2013-2014 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

An Evening With Dan Schutte

Feb. 27 Jazz Night w/Greg Abate and Friends
May 8 The Gift of Voice w/Carmen Orsini at the Stadium
Choir Concert Events 2013-2014

December 8

December 16

Lessons and Carols Precious Blood Chuch

Christmas Choral and Bells

Listen to: Sr. Spring Concert
Sr. Choir On Justice Peace & Truth
Dance Events 2013-2034
May 19 Art in Motion
Summer Camp 2014
July 14-25 Fine Arts Summer Camp
Visual Arts Events 2013-2014
April 4 Senior Art Show at Stage Right
Hand Bells Ensemble Concert Events 2013-2014
December 16 Christmas Choral
& Bells